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Most Suitable Mate for Wedding

Most Compatible Zodiacs for Marriage

Best Partner for Rat

Dragon: Spontaneous Rat and passionate dragon make them the best match. Rat loves the ever active dragon, and sweet words from rat will captivate dragon’s heart.

Monkey: Both Zodiacs are quick witted and active, making them perfect match for each other.

Ox: We heard the story of how the rat took a ride on the ox and rush to the finishing line in the final leg in the ranking of 12 zodiacs. Ox is able to give rats sense of security and support, while rats is always able to keep ox entertained. They are the great match for each other if both have marriage in mind.


Best partner for Ox

Rat: The passion of rat can melt ox heart. Both will stay loyal to each other.

Snake: Ox can help snake settle down and stabilise his/her career. Ox can be Snake’s great aide both in love & career.

Rooster: Ox might be gentle but like to keep thing under control, they will not hesitate to take up responsibility in times of need. Rooster is conservative and often not like to make decision. Ox  will be able to offer direction and helping hand to rooster in time of needs and rooster will give ox their best support making them the best partner in life.


Best partner for Tiger

Horse: The capability of horse will mesmerise tiger. Both will thus attract and respect each other.

Dog: The loyalty of dog can bring out the gentle side of proud tiger. Tiger on the other hand will motivate dog to achieve success. Mutual support will bringing out the best in them.


Best partner for Rabbit

Goat: Goat loves to rely on their partner and rabbit loves to show care and concern, complimenting each other emotionally.

Dog: Both dog and rabbit loves stability and partnership. They will stay loyal to each other and live happily ever after.


Best partner for Dragon

Rat: Dragon cannot resist the humorous rat, while rat can easily be influenced by the passionate dragon.

Monkey: Both monkey and dragon are innovator and creator, they can work hand in hand in different occasions. However the cunningness of monkey can be a setback to the relationship after marriage. So monkey must always stay truthful to his/her partner.

Rooster: Being very conservative, rooster always idolise and look up to dragon. Dragon on the other hand is a risk taker, and often needs rooster’s care and concern during setbacks and failures.


Best partner for Snake

Ox: Snake loves the stability and composure of Ox. Minor bickering cannot be avoided due to ox’s stubbornness, however this will not affect the relationship as a whole.

Rooster: Rooster reactive while Snake is proactive. Conflict cannot be avoided however their differences complement each other and make them the perfect pair.


Best partner for Horse

Tiger: Great minds think alike. Tiger and horse will be able to align themselves and appreciate each other.

Goat: Gentle goat will be able to melt horse heart.

Dog: Loyalty of dog can be a great support for horse. Dog can either be horse best partner or the man/women behind the successful horse.


Best partner for Goat

Rabbit: Rabbit excel in resource management and is someone goat loves to rely on.

Horse: Horse can be attracted by the inner beauty of goat. The charisma of horse is something the goat cannot resist.

Pig: Both pig and goat are gentle and non-aggressive. They can live together in harmony without much conflicts.


Best partner for Monkey

Rat: There is no short of fun and laughter when the two witty come together. Their live can be full of fun and adventure when they come together.

Dragon: Dragon is proud and full of themselves. Witty monkey has no problem thinking out of the box to defeat and dominate them.


Best partner for Rooster

Ox: Love is not all about passion and adventure. Ox and rooster are more favourable towards everlasting love without much ups and downs.

Dragon: Dragon can be rooster’s harbour in the stormy sea while rooster is always there to cover his back and provide support for the dragon.

Snake: Both Rooster and snake have great dream for their future, however rooster gives up easily. Snake can be the motivator to push both towards their goals.


Best partner for Dogs

Tiger: Dogs get panic in face of danger and setback, decisive tiger can be there to motivate and provide direction. Persistent support from dog will provide unparalleled confidence for tiger to achieve success.

Rabbit: Rabbit is able to provided much needed care and concern to dog. Dog will love the kind hearted rabbit and stay loyal to rabbit.

Pig: Pig and dog loves stability, they are able to understand each other and love being together.


Best partner for Pig

Rabbit: Rabbit will find pig brilliant and attractive. Rabbit is sensitive and will appreciate every small things that pig has done for him or her. They are destined to become romantic partners.

Dragon: Dragon is a strong support for pig. However dragon prone to make small little mistakes and always needs Pigs to cover its back, making them a good pair.

Pig: It is the only zodiac where 2 person of the same zodiac can goes well together. Pigs are sweet at heart and sensitive towards each other’s feeling. The more they understand each other, the better the relationship.

Dog: Dog and pig have very similar character, they can know each other like old friends. They can be best couple and soul mates.

Don't feel worried if your husband/wife's zodiac is not the best match. there are many factors other than zodiac that affect one's marriage. Like the couples Bazi, time of marriage and environment impact.

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