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Auspicious Wedding Dates Selection

At Feng Shui Audit, we provide you with 3 years worth of auspicious wedding dates within a week. The report includes wedding procedures, things to prepare and take note and all other major Dos and Don'ts to support your preparations. 

For Auspicious Wedding Date Selection, simply provide the following information here;

  • Birth date and time of the Groom and Bride

  • Zodiac of fathers/ head of household


Our Sample Auspicious Wedding Dates Report can be viewed here.

Residential Feng Shui Audit Report

We provide you the professional advice on the dates to move in, where and when to install the stove, suggested uses for each rooms and the ideal colour / material in each location and many others where appropriate, within 2 weeks of submission of floorplan. There is absolutely no buying of expensive ornaments that may not fit in your home and no need for annual review requiring you to shift the furnitures every year. 

For Household Feng Shui Audit, simply provide us with the following information here;

  • Apartment floorplan with direction facing

  • Birth date of the head of household

The content of our Residential Feng Shui Report can be viewed here.

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