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Auspicious Wedding Date Selection | Why choose us?

Commercial Tong Shu not out yet? No problem, we provide dates for the next 3 years.

The dates are personalised and compiled manually according to individual couples' and parents' BAZI (八字). 

Everything is done electronically. Simply complete the form & leave the rest to us.

Check out existing customers' testimonies and reviews. Master Chen Yuan uses a combination of traditional methods to compile the dates in the report.

Report in written layman terms for everyone to understand. 

Report provides wedding customs & advice on the wedding preparations and actual day flow. Gender birth prediction chart is included too.

No appointment & travelling required. Cost savings are share with you, saving you time, energies and money.

Get the Auspicious Wedding Dates Report in 2 steps
Step 1: Click icon to proceed with payment
Step 2: Fill up the form

Get your report within 3 days. Email us if you need it earlier!

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