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Simple ways to improve Feng Shui of the house (Part 1)

Keep the place well lit.

A well-lit place will attract positive energy, always keep important areas like your main door, stove area and dinner area well-lit. Do not forget about your toilets, toilets have still water and are areas with ying energy, keep it well lit will keep the ying energy to minimum and reduce the negative effects toilets have on your house.

Strategically place floor mats around the house.

Place floor mats at major entrances, especially the main entrance. Floor mat stabilised the qi in the area, place floor mat at major entrances will induce positive qi into the area, harmful qi can also be neutralised/ slow down before entering the area. Some places to consider placing the floor mats include entrances to toilet, master bedroom, kitchen and main door.

Remove heavy objects above resting areas.

Do not place heavy objects above resting areas like dining area, beds and sofas. Heavy objects like heavy chandelier, ceiling fans or heavy decorations above resting areas will bring undue stress to the dwellings cause them great difficulty in works. Instead, use simple lightings, or place these items short distance away from places where people usually rest.

Keep all sharp objects away from sight.

Sharp objects represent harm and the qi that passes through them get aggressive and thus is harmful for the dwellings. Keep them from sight. Do not hang knives and scissors in the kitchen. Instead keep them in drawers of at east cover the blades with knives/ scissors holders.

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