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Wedding Taboos

Brides clash
Bridal Clashes

If the bride meet another bride on wedding day, it is thought to be inauspicious. The bridesmaid, best man or matchmaker should approach the other party and request for a Hong bao exchange on the bride behalf. This will negate any ill effect due to the clashes.

Get a good date
Choosing Ausipicious Date in Singapore

Find a good date to get married. Not all days are the same, find one that is auspicious for both families. While, Tong Shu do provides generic auspicious dates for weddings, the quality of the Tong Shu s important and they do not provide personalised dates according to the Bazi. Some dates that are labelled as auspicious might be harmful to your family and the couples. Let us do the work for you, get an auspicious wedding date fast and easy from Singapore most reputable online Feng Shui Consultancy Service.

Head to tail.
Auspicius Wedding roast pig

If Roast pig is presented to the bride’s family during wedding day, ensure that the ears and tail of the roast pig are in place, do not break them off.  As Chinese believe in finishing things head to tail, symbolise completeness.

Do not meet the day before wedding
Meeting before wedding

Do not meet face to face the day before wedding. Following traditional belief, the bride is to be present to the groom family as “new” and untouched. Thus, keep the day before avoid seeing each other day before, dress up nicely on actual day, and give your husband-to-be a refresh image! Can we SMS, WhatsApp or speak on phone? Yes, of course you can, as long as you don’t see each other face to face.

Zodiac Clash
Wedding Zodiac Clashes

Neutralising the effect of zodiac clashes can be very simple. However, if you did not consult a feng shui master, avoid inviting people with zodiacs that clashes with you. Every zodiac will have another zodiac that clashes with it. Some amateurish Feng Shui Masters may just compare 2 persons’ year zodiac and declare that the zodiac clashes. The traditional way is to look at your Bazi, find out your day Zodiac (the day in Bazi dictates you, while time, year and months represent your family past and future). So the correct way is to use your day master to compare with another person’s year zodiac. Engage us, we will guide you how you can neutralise the effect of Zodiac clashes for an auspicious wedding.

Myth about Red vs Red/White clashes.
Auspicioous Wedding Red White clashes

Simply put it, it is not a taboo. There is no need to avoid attending funerals or weddings 100 days before wedding. The clashes is not mentioned in any Feng Shui Classic, just a folk’s tale. Do feel comfortable in attending major events of your love ones or close friends. However, being said, some of your friends might mind if you attend their events if it is near your wedding. Do check with your friends, make sure both are mutually fine about attending each other’s red or white events.

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