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Master Chen Yuan (辰缘大师)



Feng Shui Audit is founded by Master Chen Yuan who is a renowned Singapore-based Feng Shui practitioner who spent years in China refining his Feng Shui knowledge. He attended Shanghai Fudan University and had achieved Certificate of Completion from School of Philosophy and is now a permanent alumni.

School of Philosophy Certification

What he does

Master Chen Yuan is an expert both in the field of (a) residential Feng Shui audit and (b) selection of auspicious wedding date selection. His vision in setting up Feng Shui Audit is to help clients achieve a smoother life journey through doing the right thing (important life events) at the right time (and date) and at the right place (residential audit). By doing so, he hopes to enhance the positive energies while mitigating damages caused by the unfavourable external factors to the least.


An expert in philosophy, metaphysics and ancient studies as well as a practitioner of the classic Feng Shui, Master Chen Yuan excels in Wu Xing Ba Gua (五行八卦),Ba Gua Jiu Gong (八卦九宫), Xuan Kong (玄空), Ba Chai (八宅) etc. studies. He combines his knowledge in these fields with the ancient Chinese Feng Shui theories of Ba Zi (八字) and Wan Nian Li (万年历) to provide the most professional advice to clients.



Master Chen Yuan visits China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia frequently at the requests of his clients to do Feng Shui Audit for their homes and businesses. Many people have engaged his services to improve their lives in terms of health, career, relationships, wealth and success opportunities. 

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"Last year I faced many obstacles at work and everything just doesn't seem to go my way. After I engaged Master Chen Yuan, he gave me suggestions on how I can change the layout of my house. Within 2 months, my career turned for the better. I even met my boyfriend recently! Thanks Master Chen Yuan!"

~ Sylvia Yeo (29), Senior Executive at German MNC


"My fiancée and I were stationed in Canada but our families were very traditional and insisted on getting an auspicious date for our wedding. Due to our work commitments, we decided to consult Master Chen as he offers the online consulting service. We were glad we did as he included the Dos and Don'ts in the report which were very helpful in our wedding preps. We relied on the info to clear the conflicting beliefs of both families."

~ Mr Darius C. (34)


"My colleague recommended Master Chen to me when she knew I was getting my house keys. Initially I didn't know much about Feng Shui but thought it is always good to seek some advice. Thank you Master Chen for the comprehensive report and being patience in answering our queries even after we have moved in months later."

~ Mr & Mrs Tan S.W., Singapore

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