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Can I get an auspicious wedding date from Tong Shu without finding a Feng Shui Master?

Traditionally, auspicious dates in Tong Shu are generated using both the 12 Jian Chu and 28 xin xiu methods. However, that requires tremendous effort to compile. These days, very few reputable Tong Shu practitioners in Hong Kong maintain this tradition and most use only the 12 Jian Chu method to cut corners and speed up the process, 

In addition, the dates on Tong Shu is generic as it caters to the general masses, it does not take into consideration an individual's BAZI and your parents' zodiac. Days which may be generally auspicious to others might be harmful to you or your family. So getting a personalised auspicious wedding date report is important.

Why most Feng Shui Masters can only give auspicious date up till 1 year but we can provide dates beyond that?

Most Feng Shui Master rely on the Tong Shu in selection of auspicious date. However, Tong Shu is only published in September for the following year. Therefore they are constrain and unable to do for more years. Master Chen yuan uses both the 12 Jian Chu and 28 xin xiu methods, combines with the couples' Bazi and parents' zodiacs to derive the auspicious dates. Hence, we are able to provide more dates.

People tell me that it is inauspicious for people of my Zodiac sign to get married this year. Is it true?

Your day master (the day itself) is the most important part of your Bazi and not the year. There is a common chinese saying "择日成亲“, meaning you choose the date for wedding and not the year. Thus, there is no truth in why you cannot get married in a particular year.

Will the report tell me the auspicious time to get married.

Yes. The auspicious time of each auspicious is given.

My close family member/ relative just passed away/ got married. Do I have to wait 100 days to get married?

No. In actual fact, there is no such thing as dates clash in Feng Shui. It is more of a folks belief, so you may continue to attend your friends/relative wedding/ funeral.

Do I have to make major overhaul to the house to improve Feng Shui?

No, often there are more than a way to improve a certain aspect of Feng Shui. Most methods are easy to apply, thus there is no need to do a major overhaul to the whole house.

Do I need to buy expensive Feng Shui ornaments to improve Feng shui?

Definitely NO! Feng Shui is about the flow of energies/ Qi and its interaction with the 5 elements and the owners of the house. The placement of existing furnitures in their right elements and positions would suffice.

Will employing Feng Shui affect my interior design. I do not want my house to look ugly.

Feng Shui is about metaphysic and harmony of elements. Application of Feng Shui must be done in a logical manner, including the placement of furnitures, colour choices and material elements at the right location can often be subtly integrated into the overall design of the house.

My friend tell me Flying Stars (Xuan Kong) method of Feng shui is better than Ba Gua Wu Xing. Is that true?

No single school of thought is better than the other. Ba Gua method practice by Master Chen Yuan is the the oldest form of Feng Shui and there are good reasons why this school of thought is still in practice until today. For the flying star method, the relevant directions changes accordingly in relation to year, month, day and even hours and is a very dynamic form of Feng Shui. Many Masters prefer this method as it requires yearly review and brings in continuous business for them.

Some Masters are known to combine Ba Gua and Flying Stars method, is it better to combine the best of both worlds?

No, they are totally 2 different schools of thought. Feng shui is about harmony of elements and 2 different school of thought should never be forced upon each other. Otherwise it will be like playing with fire and should be best avoided.

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