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Residential Feng Shui Audit

Residential Feng Shui Audit | Why Choose Us?

We use your individual Kua number for the audit is specially catered to the owners of the house.

Your residential Fengshui audit is just a few clicks away. No more long appointment queues.

The most comprehensve residential Fengshui audit detailing everything you need to know about your house fengshui, incluidng stove position, study area, health and wealth areas. 

We promise no force-sales & no buying of ornaments.

The Fengshui Audit report uses layman terms  for easy understanding and offers suggestions and solutions that are easy to implement to enhance the energies of the house.

Affordable & value-for money. Our web-base model keeps cost low and the savings passed on to customers.

Residential Fengshui Report | Get the report in 3 easy steps
Step 1: Make payment below
Step 2: Submit your floor plan to
  • Make sure direction is shown in the Floor Plan
    • (You may use google map to find out the direction of your unit. By default the top is always north direction)
Step 3: Submit information by filling up the form below
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