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Simple ways to improve Feng Shui of the house (Part 2)

Toilet should be “hidden”

Toilet should be hidden whenever possible. How do we hide it? We can simply flush the colour of toilet door with the surrounding wall. DO NOT outline the door frame, DO NOT paint the door in another colour. If you toilet is not facing any doors, windows or resting area, can consider putting a mirror on the toilet door.

Do not paint the ceiling blue or draw stars, sun or moon on it.

Everybody like have clear blue sky above our head. However, Chinese is always afraid of having a hole in the roof (broken ceiling), it symbolise loss of wealth. A solid ceiling give good shelters to the residents, removing that, there will be no peace in the house. You will notice that shops & restaurants that painted their ceiling to look like sky never last long.

Remove water features in the bedrooms or kitchen.

Water features can be a powerful Feng Shui feature in the house. However, it must be used with caution. It must be placed in the correct sectors of the house depending on the direction. It definitely cannot be places in the kitchen as Fire and water in the kitchen will cause conflict. Water in the bedroom will also bring bad health to the owner of the room. Suitable places to place water features are the main hall, living room & balcony.

Plant in toilet should be removed.

Unless you are very sure your toilet is well-lit with natural light and have good ventilation, do not rear plant in the toilet. Unhealthy plants will increase the ying energy in the toilet. Best place to rear plants is in the wealth sector of the house.

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