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5 reasons why you should engage Feng Shui Audit for the auspicious wedding dates selection


1. Personalised auspicious wedding dates for the next 3 years

Master Chen Yuan provides 3 years worth of auspicious dates (hundreds of them) for you and your partner in your wedding preparations. He does not rely solely on the Tong Shu / Chinese Almanac (通书) which is published only in September each year. The dates are compiled individually for each couples taking into account the couples' ba zi (八字)and their parents' birth year. Hence, these date are unique for your uses and definitely auspicious for you and your family. 


2. High Accuracy

The commercially available Tong Shu provides generic good dates but not suitable for individual usage especially when it concerns one's important life events. Most services adopt the simplified method of deriving the dates from Tong Shu which use the Twelve Day Deities (十二建除). Thus, these dates are similar to those found in the corporate calendars. However, Master Chen Yuan adopts the traditional method and use both the Twelve Day Deities (十二建除) and 28 Stars arrangement (二十八星宿) coupled with his understanding of their interactions at every single days to derive the auspicious dates.


3. Informative & Easy to Understand

The report includes recommended procedures for all your wedding preparations including nuptial bed setting (安床), betrothal ceremony (过大礼/下聘/纳彩)and the actual wedding day procedures.  Simply put, it is a report for everyone to understand. 



You can obtain and access the report anytime from the comfort of your home without the need to travel or fix appointments. You will receive the softcopy report with the full list of personalised auspicious wedding dates through your email. This means no meet-up, no appointments and no travelling. Saving you precious time while preparing for your wedding and new house. 

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